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  • Estimation of Professional Wealth

    Automatic estimation system letting to make a precise prediction of professional potential, effectiveness, strengths and witnesses of employee in the sphere of professional wealth.

    Professional Wealth

    — is a characteristic of a person that affects personal labor effectiveness in many cases. Increase of the professional wealth level reflects the subjective inclusion to work, personal effectiveness of an employee and increase of the feel of overall well-being. In turn, it positively affects collective relationships, attitude to work and overall organization effectiveness.

    Methods of professional wealth estimation

    Methods' format:

    • quick (takes 15-20 min);
    • online (24/7) and/or on paper;
    • system is easy to use and to interpret;
    • detailed written report is provided to every employee or group.


    Result: estimation of professional wealth level and diagram of manifestation esteem of professionally important features of character, strengths and development recommendations to increase the level of professional wealth.


    Professional wealth is esteemed by following criteria:

    • striving for permanent professional development and self-realization;
    • the presence of personally important professional goals;
    • aspiration and ability to construct positive relationships with team and senior officials;
    • being sure in himself and own professional competence;
    • self-acceptance as professional at all the levels of development;
    • professional autonomy (ability to make decisions independently, responsibility for own decisions, being sure about own professional opinion).