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  • Estimation of Staff Competency (Assessment Center)


    — qualities combining in itself knowledge, professional skills and personal qualities of an employee that are necessary for successful work in a profession in a specific position in the particular (!) Company. Internationally recognized technology of staff competency estimation is Assessment Center.

    Opportunities, provided by competency estimation (Assessment center):

    • To define consistently unified standards of employee’s behavior and the model of company or unit’s competence.
    • To estimate impartially and professionally strengths and weaknesses of every employee in the unit.
    • To estimate potential of employees based on common criteria.
    • To give independent feedback to everyone to form adequate self-esteem and to identify possible ways of growth.
    • To update the understanding of company values and to get additional motivation to acting, enrollment, growth and development of own skills.


    Specificity and advantages of “Assessment Center” program:

    • Assessment center is developed taking into account specificity of business of the Customer Company and employees.
    • Programs and exercises take in account features of activity of estimated employees.
    • The program can be carried out quickly, with a clearly agreed timeframe.
    • The program does not requires too much of employees’ engagement in the process due to modern efficient technologies of Tailored.