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  • Predictive Index, International Personal Questionnaire

    Automatic estimation system lets make a precise prognosis of real employee’s behavior in more than 90% of cases with practical recommendations for every employee.

    • Quick and simple (takes 5-10 min.);
    • famous and recognized in the world - 20% of companies from Fortune 500 prefer this estimation system;
    • online (24/7) and/or paper version;
    • affordable;
    • system is available in 66 languages and used in 143 countries;
    • easy to use and to interpret;
    • detailed written report generated by the system and tracked by moderator is provided for each employee.

    Methods, estimation scales

    The major scales: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience and Formality. 6 additional scales of factorial combinations, 2 minor scales: Decision making and Stamina. Comparison with perfect profiles from specially created profiles library.

    The time spent on express diagnostics:

    • test appointment – 5-10 min;
    • testing – 5-10 min;
    • creating of perfect profile for concrete position – 1 hour, including the stage of additional test;
    • results analysis and report creating – 7-10 min. (for each employee).


    Result: precise prognosis of real employee’s behavior with practical recommendations for each employee that will be the most efficient when hiring, when accessing of potential or planned improvement.