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  • Research of job market and salary survey

    For the first time, opportunities that were for the narrow circle of Tailored clients became available for everyone who is looking for qualified job market expert.

    Tailored Analytica, team of professionals experienced with many years of successful expertise will prepare for you job market and salary research:

    • «turnkey», according to individual criteria of every client;
    • any level of difficulty;
    • for necessary amount of positions;
    • any geographical scale;
    • as soon as possible.

    More than hundred projects for job market analysis in all sectors of economy are under our team’s belt.

    We do only qualitative expert researches EXCLUSIVELY FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL REQUEST, according to approved data.

    During the forming of TECHNICAL TASK that is the basis of project, we rely on such criteria as:

    • the goal of the research;
    • specificity of every sector that is necessary to analyze;
    • defining the sample of surveyed companies;
    • features of functional responsibilities of each post in each individual client’s company;
    • field of researched data;
    • format of results presentation.


    Our researches ARE ALWAYS:

    • run IN TIME;
    • informative and based on QUALITATIVE and LARGE SAMPLE;
    • EASY TO UNDERSTAND and provided with additional illustrative comments and graphs;
    • available at least in two languages (Russian and English);

    Feedback on working with us

    • "We have handled a difficult task: to prepare the regional review of salaries both on engineering positions and on working professions. Also to us it was important that the review has captured only the enterprises and the organizations with a similar field of activity – servicing of manufacturing enterprises. Result: in the shortest possible time we have received, the conscientious, qualitative, adapted under us full and authentic review!"

      Yana Poplavskaya,
      Personnel director "KBR East"

    • "I know the Tailored Analitics team over five years. During our cooperation a wide number of researches of labor market, including very difficult positions has been carried successfully out. I can recommend this team as reliable, responsible professionals, experts of the business."

      Elena Tsygankova,
      Hear of personnel department,
      "Pratt and Whitney-Rus"

    • "Our Company expresses sincere gratitude to the Tailored Analytics team for efficiency and professionalism of actions for carrying out the review of salaries on all positions interesting for us: from the leading level to linear personnel, and also it is selective on the rival companies. Because data on the review of salaries were required for us in a short time, the Performer has quickly carried out all the objectives. Different options of a form on providing reports from which we have chosen most for us convenient for the further analysis and decision-making have been offered for us. I would like to note especially, relevance of the provided data as their "freshness" plays a large role during the work with this material and doesn't leave doubts in skill of their collecting, processing and total presentation."

      Olga Selyanina,
      HR director of LLC “SOK” Centre Rus
      (a distribution chain "PRISMA", the SOKOS HOTELS chain in Russia)