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  • Background of the medical coaching program in Tailored

    Recently in Russia grounded competition between medical organizations has emerged and , as a result, there is a need for a high-quality work with patient from the stage of making an appointment to invitation for some additional medical procedures, effectively convincing a patient about the importance and uniqueness of your service, demonstrating the reliability of the clinic, resolving complex situations qualitatively, working in team and heading patient from one doctor to another if needed, building relations between clinic, doctor and patient.

    Company Tailored (understanding the comprehensive importance of high-quality medical service in Russia) offers complex of practical technologies that have been used in business for a long time, but were little used yet in medical sphere.

    Our task is to maximally clearly, shortly and meaningfully show and consolidate the technologies of effective work in clinic on all the levels of responsibility (from an administrator to the top-manager) during practice.

    Practical blocks and modules of the program

    The program presupposes practical adaptation according to the needs and current issues of a particular clinic and can include some additional modules like "Effective work in clinic's team", "Effective planning and time-management in medicine", "strategic management of the clinic" and so on. The main and most in-demand of the Russian market programs were divided according to the levels of responsibility:

    Effective Administrator

    «Telephone communication skills»

    «Effective techniques of interaction with patient»

    «Difficult and conflict situations’ management skills»

    Efficient Doctor

    «Efficient positioning of the doctor and his service»

    «Difficult and conflict situations’ management skills»

    «Techniques of building long-term relations with patient»

    Professional Clinic’ Manager

    «Professional team-management»

    «Effective change management»

    «Presentation and argumentation skills»

    Main benefits of the training program:


    Medical program of Tailored was prepared along with representatives of business world and experienced doctors from Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. So, it is very practical and it is adapted for the today's' real medical needs.


    Programs are based on practical medical examples. That is why these programs are very actual and applicable today. For example, 100% of cases that are used during trainings are made according to the concrete examples of customer (Clinics)


    A lot of respected doctors (from physicians, who just started their medical careers, to PHDs and Heads of medical Clinics) emphasize extremely high quality and practicality of the program tools. Consequently, the program has already gained good reputation.


    Trainings are in small groups (8-12 participants) and are focused on mastering of concrete tools and technologies, which are practiced. So, at the end of the program you will receive both theoretical knowledge and maximum concrete practical skills.


    Program was highly supported by doctors and clinic's chiefs on the large Russian exhibition "Healthcare", which means the issues of the program are extremely actual today.


    Practicums consist of instruments and situations for the doctors of all the levels, so the program will be actual and adapted according to the requirements of concrete audience (from an administrator and a doctor who just started career to clinic's managers).


    Program contains video-examples, brainstorming sessions, discussions, games. That is why it is not only useful, but is very exciting and interesting.

    Feedback on working with us

    • "The program turned out to be more effective than refresher courses by professors from medical universities of highest levels. It was very dynamic, contained feedbacks, it enabled to learn how to structure the offered tools in a short period of time. It was very lively and interesting and, what's most important, it works. Practicum let us feel totally satisfied and it let us feel pleasure from work with students, doctors, and patients. Thank you!"

      Popova Marina Alekseevna, professor,
      Head of the Therapy Department of Surgut State University, practicing doctor.

    • "They give vector and stimulus for problem solving, ability to maneuver according to the situation and skills for thinking in the right direction"

      Ponkratov Denis Aleksandrovich,
      Chief Physician of "Klinika konceptualnoi stomatologii",
      member of Board of Directors, practicing doctor.

    • "Training enabled to acquire real tools for communication with patients and positioning of our services. Information is given in an appropriate way and is immediately supported by practical tasks from real life. It is very dynamic, useful and a lot of fun. Looking forward to taking part in next trainings"

      Solop Ivan Alexandrovich, PhD, docent,
      Deputy Dean of the Dental Faculty of MSMU Setchenov University, practicing doctor.

    • "I liked the working atmosphere and concrete examples, games and colleagues who took part in training! I would recommend it to all my colleagues!"

      Ignat'ev Aleksei Vladimirovich,
      Head Chief of Clinic, Leading surgeon, practicing doctor.